Cooking Recipes

I was the lead designer and front-end developer for the Cooking.com Recipes destination launch. I collaborated closely with multidisciplinary teams to develop and launch a responsive recipe website. I rebranded and evolved the Cooking.com brand to create an elevated and modern feel for the site. To achieve a better user experience and maintain a strong branding experience, I successfully campaigned to update the e-commerce side of Cooking.com to match the new recipes site, which was originally not in the project scope. I took charge of the front-end updates of the e-commerce site Cooking.com, and I worked on the front-end development for the recipe site. Using Photoshop, Creative Cloud, HTML, CSS, JQuery, JavaScript, and a masonry plugin, I designed and developed desktop and mobile mockups of the main pages using the most current coding techniques.


responsive website


web designer, front-end developer

Cooking Recipes
Cooking Recipes

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